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With shopping a national obsession coming in a close second only to food, Singaporeans have managed to bring consumerism to a whole new level, with fairs that span multiple convention halls, boasting rows upon rows of bargains, deals and sales. Be prepared for the madding crowd, but also expect crazy offers all around. Fairs that cater to specific interests usually come annually, so stay tuned and look out for the next big fair in Singapore!

PC Show Computer Fair

Posted on 07 Jun 2011 by deliatoh
Every year, there are a few notable of IT and computer fairs held in Singapore. One of these large-scale PC fairs is the PC Show. The Show attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year and generates millions of dollars in sales.
Strike up a great deal and snag the latest in electronic offerings at the best rates at the various technology fairs in Singapore. Seize the opportunity that laptop, camera, smart phone and stand to get some amazing freebies thrown in! There are four main technology conventions fairs that typically occur throughout the year, gathering tech companies and resellers from all across the island to offer consumers amazing prices and attractive bundles. They are the IT Show, PC Show, COM...