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Although there is already so much to do in Singapore, the country is actually home to over 60 outlying islands. While some are used for industrial or military purposes, a few offer a retreat from the concrete jungle of the main island. These islands are popular with families and tourists who are in the know, so head over to Singapore's smaller offshore islands for a day of fun as you trek through the islands and admire their untouched beauty.

Pulau Ubin

Posted on 30 Aug 2010 by kimberly
A trip to this island is an ideal way to get some respite away from busy urban life. Visit the island to see one of the last existing kampungs (Malay for village) in Singapore, with a small population of no more than 50 people. Travel around the island on a bicycle or choose to take a hike. Set off to explore the island, enjoying the abundance of greenery and scenic views. Seasoned cyclists can challenge themselves to the Ketam Mountain Bike Park, where thrilling and challenging trails can be fo...

St John's Island

Posted on 30 Aug 2010 by kimberly
Enjoy swimming, trekking, and a barbeque or picnic on St John's Island, while learning about its unique history. Historically known as Sir Stamford Raffles' first anchorage site, it later became a quarantine centre for immigrants plagued with diseases, a Prisoners-of-War holding area during the Japanese Occupation, and, after the war, a site for penal settlement - the most famous internee perhaps being Singapore's third President Devan Nair. Now, the island contains a great range of lagoons and ...

Kusu Island

Posted on 30 Aug 2010 by kimberly
The gist of the Kusu Island myth revolves around a mysterious giant tortoise who saved a Malay and Chinese man during a shipwreck by turning itself into an island - and many have claimed that Kusu Island did in fact bear the shape of a turtle before land reclamation. It is a site where beautiful reefs and marine wildlife can be seen, as well as being swamped with tortoises both big and small. Check out beautiful reefs and look out for various hard and soft corals, the clown anemone-fis...

Sisters' Island

Posted on 30 Aug 2010 by kimberly
Indulge in a spot of diving, swimming or snorkelling at the mythically-fascinating Sisters' Island, a site made up of two small islands sitting side by side. The myth behind the formation of the two adjacent islands was the drowning of two inseparable sisters as they were being taken away from one another which received the compassion from the gods who immortalised their missing bodies as islands - now aptly known as Sister's Island. Today, visitors typically head there for a day of leisurely wa...