In a country where eating is considered the national pastime, where people live to eat and greet each other with 'have you eaten?', it should come as no surprise that Singapore is heaven for the food-lover (otherwise known as foodie). Small as it may be, Singapore is known as the mecca for gourmands, a prime destination for culinary tourism. Every taste and budget is catered to, from simple but much-loved hawker centres to fine dining at some of the classiest destination restaurants in the world. Singapore presents its own unique ethnic and national dishes, and a vast range of international cuisines. Eating is a social occasion and celebration for Singaporeans, and is generally unpretentious, with a multitude of variety and high standards of hygiene. So go ahead and indulge yourself, and eat as Singaporeans do! Learn about the part that culture plays in each ethnic group's cuisines and try out some of Singapore's signature dishes.