About ComeSingapore

Singapore is seeing a record rise in visitor arrivals and spending and these numbers are expected to continue growing. With that in mind, ComeSingapore.com aims to be a niche but comprehensive online travel partner and portal for visitors to Singapore.

We are building a platform that will engage the visitor before, during and after the trip, thus providing a holistic user experience. Our users can use the portal for before-trip research and planning, as well as perform booking transactions.

When they are in Singapore, we continue to provide up-to-date local information, recommendations and transactions via a fully capable mobile application. Users can also download a customised pocket guide to take with them as they explore the island.

After the trip, they can participate in our online social community to share their photos and travelogue, as well as post feedback and recommendations about their experience in Singapore. ComeSingapore.com is a complete aide to your personalised travel experience.

Being a one-stop destination portal that will fulfill all the needs of a visitor at every stage of their trip, ComeSingapore.com is also a very compelling platform for players in the travel industry to reach out to a highly targeted group of potential customers.

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